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Services & Fees

If you have a short-term need, you can hire me for a single day:

“We need to understand how strategic marketing can help us, can you do a workshop?”

“We want to contact prospects but our plan is very out of date or does not exist”

"We need a fresh look at our website and branding"

I will help you by working with you for a few days, for a fixed price. I will project manage your existing suppliers or source new ones - making sure you get what you need.

lead generation - problem solving - marcomms development - plans and budgets - workshops

If you need longer-term help to develop the business, you can hire me for 1-5 days a month:

"We're good at what we do, but don't have marketing skills in house"

“We could do with a plan of action for the next couple of years – and someone to carry it out”
“We need someone to help us develop a strategy”

I will help you by working with you a number of days each month as your Marketing Director, carrying out all the work required and reporting to you. This is the way to go if long-term business-building is better for you.

lead generation - problem solving - website development - sales focus - customer surveys - marketing campaigns - plans and budgets - strategy - tactics


local social enterprises, charities and start-ups: £450 per day

Businesses up to £1M turnover: £900 per day

For longer-term contracts you can negotiate lower day-rates. Fees shown do not include VAT.

THREE WAYS to get me to work for you for nothing

1) Tell me about a project that you have in mind which is complex, demanding, difficult, short-term and benefits a local community.

2) Ask me to be your mentor.

3) Ask me to join your Board, if you are a social enterprise or charity.