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Typical clients and jobs

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Click this sentence to access a spreadsheet showing the last few years' typical jobs.  I've been in business since 1990, so there are very few industries I haven't worked in.

"I have an advisor who has recommended marketing actions and need someone to carry them out"

What I do is help you determine what should be done and then do it for you.  I'm an implementor.

Features: get to work quickly, proactive, autonomous, knowledgeable.  Benefits: minimum input from you (so you can get on with your own tasks), able to follow up opportunities, avoids common marketing traps and embraces best practice.

"Our sales are lower than they should be - we need help"

OK, so you need some quick wins, a plan to get you back on track and then someone to carry out the work for you.  That's what I do.  I can find some immediate opportunities and generate some buzz; work out a practical and achieveable plan and get going with it.  I like action!  Whether it's pricing, product awareness, PR, surveys, planning, campaigns, websites - I'll manage it all for you.

Features: motivated by action, opportunity focused, capable in many tactical strands.  Benefits: instant ideas and actions to start reversal of sales downturn, quick to spot opportunities and take them up, comfortable with multi-stranded campaigns and challenging channels to market.

"We need revisions to our website and brochure but already have suppliers"

That's good, because I act like your own in-house marketing manager.  If you already have a supplier that's fine - I'll work with them to get the revisions done - but they will be professionally written by me - and I will get the best results from your suppliers because I know the industry, I know the technology and I know what can be done.  Like any manager, you'd expect to give me tasks and priorities and for me to deliver results back to you.  But I don't sit there and program the website or create the brochure artwork myself, that's for the suppliers to do and me to manage.

Features: able to work with any existing teams, effective project manager.  Benefits: flexible to fit in with your business needs, comfortable working with creatives so able to retain good working relationships, able to drive projects to completion with minimum input from you.

"I don't have time to do the marketing and we need to raise our game"

Bring me in for a few days, and see what can be achieved.  I'll create a straightforward plan and put it into effect.  I'll be the Senior Marketing Manager but you only pay me for the days I work - and with as little as one day's notice there's low risk on your part if you don't like what I do.   I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of medium, small and micro businesses - voluntary sector, public sector and commercial sector.

Features: very experienced marketer, very good business sense, able to spot patterns and opportunities, can work at board level within the company or with partners and stakeholders.  Benefits: you get very senior experienced input but at a lower cost and low commitment, opportunities are spotted and taken up, you have a credible 'member of staff'.

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