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Lynn Allison FCIM, Chartered Marketer

The region's most experienced and highest qualified marketer.

Freelance 'hands-on' MARKETING DIRECTOR

Practical, efficient and organised business-to-business support at Director or Senior Management Team level, for any company in England. Hire me by the day as your freelance Marketing Director and you can:-

  • have experienced, professional and highly qualified help only when you need it
  • get your marketing strategised, planned and project managed, while you concentrate on your business
  • benefit from a quick start with an immediate action plan
  • tackle blockages and opportunities which cross department boundaries: operations, sales or marketing

The ideal hands-on, senior and credible solution for medium and large businesses who need fresh thinking, unblocking, reorganising and re-marketing but don't require a full-time, permanent employee.

Anywhere in England – from a single day upwards. Established in 1990 – over 3200 marketing projects recorded.

Mobile: 07831 649 647

Strategies, plans and budgets for lead generation, market penetration, growth and disaster recovery.  Project management of branding,  campaigns, design & print, websites and events.

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Customers are like chameleons, they change. They change their needs as they move around your shop and they change their criteria depending on what type of buyer they are. Some of these you can influence and some you can't. But knowing what their world is like and understanding their criteria means you can make small but significant changes which might just turn a few 'no thankyous' into a few more 'yes pleases'. Following on from the recession, small differences count. This book tells you what to do - and how to catch your chameleons.

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I work for small and large companies across the UK: from owner-managed SMEs with one member of staff to firms with 60+employees and multi-million pound turnovers.

What they all have in common is passion - and technical excellence.  They are really good at what they do.

But what they are not always REALLY good at, is stepping back to look at how they should be marketing themselves.  And I don't just mean brochures, websites and events. I mean MARKETING: what they sell, who they sell it to and how they package it.

For example, in 2011 I have been working with a small company whose MD wants to grow the business to sell it in 5 years.  We looked at what he does and realised that he was talking about 'what he sells' instead of talking about 'what the customers want'.  So, what we did is repackage his services into blocks with fixed prices (premium prices, as he is offering an exceptionally fast professional service). Then we described the packages in terms that the potential customer understands. We talked about how SPEED benefits the customer and how they would be able to spend more time in their business and less time with my client.

This is what this client says about me: “After three and a half years in business I had reached an impasse and didn’t seem to be able to identify or attract new customers. Lynn suggested a new way of looking at my whole business, with a much improved and simplified product line, and unique selling points I had not even considered. After only a few weeks of working with LAM I am getting requests from new customers, and new requests from existing customers. Excellent service from a very helpful Business.”

I am also working with a national charity's regional branch. We'll be looking at how to translate the national organisations's aims into local strategies, tactics and budgets.  How to prioritise. How to align the targets with the business plan.  And how to train staff who are interested in marketing qualifications.

What I do:

- How to translate the company's requirements and business plan into a marketing strategy, or get it back on track if it has gone astray

- How that strategy turns into plans and tactics

- Remove the obstacles that are stopping you getting things done

- Marketing training from basic to advanced level for anyone in the organisation interested in:

o Understanding markets

o Developing strategy & marketing plans

o Communicating with stakeholders

o Managing products & services

o Managing & setting price

o Managing channels

o Managing customer relationships

o Managing programmes & projects

o Monitoring & evaluating the effectiveness of marketing

o Developing & managing brands and reputation

o Managing marketing teams

o Developing and promoting ethically-consistent practices

How it works:

It’s as if you employ me, I come 'into work' at your office. I have a place I usually use and where people expect to find me. I am self-employed, so you have fewer commitments to me and as little as one day’s notice (and no paid holidays – boo).  The other good news is that I am resourceful and self-sufficient and once I’m under way you can more or less leave me to it, without the need for any direct management.  Just heave a sigh of relief that marketing is being looked after and go back to your real job.  I'll need to talk with you from time to time, but because I work at Director level and 'hands-on' you can leave me to it.

Tel/text: 07831 649 647 (I will either answer or call you back the same day)